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Jaques Anthony

Jaques Anthony is what R&B is all about. He is a classic soul singer with that soulful style and sound that brings you back to the days when you loved listening to the whole album. To the days when every record told a story.

Jaques began singing very early with heavy infliuences coming from everyone from Sam Cooke to the Temptations to Luther Vandross and everyone in between. Jaques takes his talent serious, but knows that feeling good, and having fun is the key to life. With that in mind, Jaques tries to provide the listener with every emotion. His music tells stories of life, love, sadness and joy. His music sounds like today, but with the great song qualities of the classics.

While attending Berkley College of Music in Boston Jaques was able to gain an appreciation for various genres of music, and has been able to add those elements to his style. 

Jaques has had the pleasure of working with some of R&B's great talents such as Musiq Soulchild, Freddie Jackson, Lenny Williams, etc.