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Rich Ragz


Rich Ragz is an eighties baby born in the streets of the South Bronx, N.Y. From rap battles to break-dance face offs in echo park, he took it all in. He studied and learned from some of the legends of hip-hop (KRS-one, Doug E. Fresh, Slick Rick). Along with his love for hip-hop, he had a love for performance and entertaining people. At an early age he entered a talent show and has been hooked on performing ever since. After one show it was clear he was a natural entertainer, and after his first demo tape it was clear he had natural ability to rap.

Rich made a commitment to truly master both the craft of making great songs, and the craft of entertaining people. During this journey he has evolved into a solid songwriter of both rap and R&B music, and had the privilege of working on songs with Ron Browz (Pop Champagne, Arab Money, Ether), and one of his idols Doug E. Fresh (The Show, La di dadi), as well as many other artist.

Rich Ragz has also established himself as a true performer having now performed on countless shows and having shared the stage with talented artists such as Rich Boy, DJ Webstar, Red Café, as well as having performed at spectacular events like Hot 97 Summer jam.

His buzz began from his youtube video for his song “The Girl gone wild” that received thousands of views, which has led to his more refined and polished presentation of today.


Let's all enjoy Rich Ragz!