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Sammy iii

Sammy iii (pronounced Sam-ee Hi ) is a talented Korean-American Artist, writer, producer, and performer whose music is a blend of R&B, Hip Hop, K-pop, and Dance. Sammy is excited to bring the world his new Pop Hop sound.

     Sammy is a multi-instrumentalist who began playing guitar as a child, then moved on to various other instruments. He began singing as a teenager in church and soon became a leader of the church praise team. This experience inspired him to develop his current vocal ability and has led to his current evolution as an Artist.  Sammy’s influences range from old school crooners all the way through today’s contemporary artists.

These influences have helped to develop his unique singing and production style. Sammy’s ability to create and perform many different genres of music takes us on a musical journey and leads to a very diverse debut album. His journey gives us everything from urban hip hop and touching ballads to international dance anthems. We invite you all to experience and enjoy Sammy iii.